EclipseIR™ Selects ZeroBiometrics™ to Power New Biometric Security Features

SanJose, CA – August 2nd, 2022 – Infinity announced that its ZeroBiometrics™ platform will be used to power new security features in products from Eclipse Identity Recognition Corporation (EclipseIR™). EclipseIR will integrate Infinity’s ZeroFace™ SDK, which has the unique ability to authenticate individuals without knowing what they look like. And ZeroFace can encrypt data with face-derived cryptographic keys.

EclipseIR brings next generation facial recognition technology to the world of intelligent surveillance, law enforcement, security, and Smart Cities. EclipseIR’s products focus on recognizing faces and identifying personal characteristics from video streams. They deliver high accuracy even with low-quality cameras, poor lighting, and moving subjects. EclipseIR is rapidly expanding its customer base, especially in Latin America.

“ZeroFace’s unique biometric security capabilities will power new features that our customers want,” said Steve Miller, CEO of EclipseIR. “We are impressed by ZeroFace’s capabilities and its ease of integration into our products.”

“EclipseIR’s recognition of our innovation in biometric security is very meaningful to us,” said Alfred Chan, CEO of Infinity. “We look forward to supporting EclipseIR’s integration of ZeroFace into their platform.”

About EclipseIR

EclipseIR offers the most advanced suite of facial recognition products available to the law enforcement, commercial security, and Smart Cities markets. Its products deliver high levels of detection even in adverse video conditions. Detected individuals are then matched to a customer-supplied “persons of interest” database. The company’s products work equally well with multiple live feeds and stored video feeds. EclipseIR’s headquarters are in San Jose, California. For more information, visit

About Infinity

Infinity invented ZeroBiometrics™, an innovative zero-knowledge biometric authentication platform. Its ZeroFace™ flagship product can recognize people without storing any of their biometric data. It uses banking-grade hash functions to enable face-derived cryptography. Infinity is based in Singapore and Silicon Valley. For more information, visit or send email to