ZeroVault™ from Infinity Enables Biometric Convenience & Security for Cryptographic Identity Systems

ZeroVault™ from Infinity Enables Biometric Convenience & Security for Cryptographic Identity Systems

Infinity announces the ability to extend its biometric convenience and security to cryptographic identity systems such as blockchain wallets, distributed ledgers, and distributed identity platforms. The company’s new ZeroVault™ engine, part of its ZeroFace™ product, provides an easy-to-extend integration point into these cryptographic systems.

ZeroVault extends ZeroFace’s native ability to generate a true biometric hash to meet a range of cryptographic identity account bootstrapping, authentication, and recovery requirements.

“We asked ourselves: ‘What if you could log into and recover your blockchain wallet with something you can’t lose or forget?’,” said Alfred Chan, CEO of Infinity. “What if we could make all cryptographic identity systems as easy to use as unlocking your phone? That’s exactly the experience you can create when you use the new ZeroVault feature within ZeroFace.”

Among other innovations, ZeroVault makes it possible for an authenticated face to generate the exact same hash that’s used by so-called mnemonic phrases – a collection of 12 or 24 words that enable wallet self-recovery using BIP39 technology. With ZeroVault, ZeroFace authentication integrates seamlessly into existing BIP39 deployments. Authentication and/or account recovery happens with a quick and highly accurate ZeroFace verification. And BIP39 recovery can still be used as a recovery method if preferred by the wallet owner.

For higher-security use cases, a two-factor authentication mode can be enabled. In addition to the “something you are”, or biometric factor, ZeroFace can require you also provide a PIN or Passcode to include the “something you know” factor. Combined, these two factors provide high assurance levels in one commercial product offering.

More advanced uses of ZeroVault involve using an individual’s ZeroHash to create transaction signing keys that only exist while the user is authenticated. When your transaction signing keys aren’t saved, they can’t be stolen!

The company’s products are available for integration into Android and iOS customer applications. All ZeroFace features execute on the mobile device, with no dependency on any cloud-based functionality.

The company has representatives in the US and Asia. For more information, contact Infinity at