Next-Level Fraud Prevention: Day By Day Partners withZeroBiometrics™ for Biometric Authentication

A Milestone in Decentralized Security
Day By Day proudly announces the integration of the groundbreaking ZeroFace™ technology from ZeroBiometrics, setting a new privacy standard for biometric authentication in Web3 applications. Instead of saving information about what each user’s face looks like, ZeroFace uses zero-knowledge proofs to generate and match on unique cryptographic hash values for each registered user. This patented model eliminates the need to store the types of traditional facial recognition data.

Pioneering ZeroBiometrics Technology
Committed to offering users the utmost security, Day By Day has integrated ZeroBiometrics’ privacy-preserving technology into its mobile app across all platforms. This will enable the prevention of fraud situations when someone registers their personal data, ensuring the privacy of the session.

“This innovation aligns perfectly with our mission to enable users to register their valuable assets and engage in the Web3.0 ecosystem with absolute confidence”.

(Expressed about it by Bill Angelidis, Founder and CEO of Day By Day)

ZeroFace is Ideal for Web3.0
Web3.0-based platforms demand a new breed of biometric authentication that protects user privacy using the same kind of advanced cryptographic technologies used by Day by Day. ZeroFace technology ensures no personal data is stored, making it virtually impossible for malicious actors to compromise user data.

This robust approach to security safeguards users from the vulnerabilities present in traditional biometric systems, where information about what you look like is often stored and susceptible to breaches and misuse.

“We’re proud to partner with Day By Day to integrate privacy-preserving ZeroFace technology
into their Web 3.0 insurance platform. Together we’re making it easy and secure to utilize Day by Day to meet consumer insurance needs”.

(Expressed about it by Alfred Chan, CEO of ZeroBiometrics)

User-Centric Experience
The next time users need to log into Day By Day’s mobile app to register their assets or get access protection, a quick facial scan is all that’s required. ZeroFace technology not only enhances security but also offers session exclusivity, device portability, and seamless account recovery. The partnership between Day By Day and ZeroBiometrics enables the incorporation of additional security layers that establish an elevated level of prevention against multiple fraud and attack scenarios.

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About Day By Day
Day By Day is decentralizing and democratizing the global asset protection industry through
Web3. Using emerging technologies, the first insurtech platform of its kind, enables a new
era of entrepreneurs to influence investment, while simultaneously offering on-demand and
hyper-personalized products for safeguarding real-world assets to clients.

These entrepreneurs have the ability to create protection contracts (NFTs) for asset
protection, which generate rewards, and/or participate in underwriting pools (DeFi) to earn

The “InsureFi” industry will deliver next-generation protections with transparency and
precision. Built on blockchain and utilizing artificial intelligence, Day By Day eradicates the
current bureaucratic processes of the traditional industry and administrative constraints, in
turn providing value and security to clients.

About ZeroBiometrics
Modern biometric authentication does not need to know who you are. Only yesterday’s
legacy systems need to encrypt and store face templates, face maps, or personally
identifiable information. ZeroBiometrics products are designed from the ground up to
preserve biometric privacy and protect data.

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