ZeroFace in Action

Mobile to mobile

Registration and Verification

The convenience you expect of face authentication, but none of the traditional compromises. Designed using modern techniques for accuracy while also preserving privacy and protecting data.

ZeroFace™ generates a unique 256 bit ZeroHash™ for each individual, saved in a ZeroMap™

No biometric data or personally identifying information is in the ZeroHash.

Windows to mobile

Biometric Device Portability and Account Recovery

ZeroFace's ZeroMap™ is so secure it can be safely transferred to any device, anytime. No per-device face registration necessary!

Also, no re-enrollment is necessary for lost or upgraded devices. Just add a ZeroMap to the new device to activate face authentication to your account.

Windows to mobile


Put a ZeroMap™ inside a QR code for the ultimate decentralized authentication experience.

Need to verify somebody?
Scan their ZeroMap QR code, and then scan the person's face.

Need to recover account access when you've forgotten the password?
Scan your ZeroMap QR code and ID photo to re-enable access to your account.

Want a backup of your ZeroMap in case you lose your device?
Just print or save a copy of your ZeroMap QR code and scan it on your new device. Instantly you're reconnected to face authentication for your account.