How ZeroFace and ZeroVault work in Decentralized Identity Systems

ZeroFace and ZeroVault offer unique usability and privacy benefits for decentralized identity systems. 

ZeroFace makes it possible to derive digital identities from user biometrics. ZeroVault enables cryptographic identity transactions using keys derived from biometric data, called ZeroKeys. 

Decentralized and scalable, ZeroFace and ZeroVault run on user mobile devices. They are highly scalable, with no cloud connections required. And no biometric or cryptographic key data is ever saved, anywhere.

It's nothing less than a paradigm shift for decentralized identity systems.

Identity Wallets

Easy to Register, Easy to Recover

ZeroFace provides Face ID-like experiences for identity registration and recovery on mobile devices. It eliminates the need for 12 to 24 recovery word methods (BIP39), which are a common source of friction and failure. Instead, a scan of the user's face creates their wallet's unique cryptographic seed. This bootstraps the identity wallet and enables biometric wallet recovery in the future. In other words, in the event of a lost or compromised device, users scan their face to recover their wallet. Of course, ZeroFace can also run in parallel with legacy BIP39.

It's the way decentralized identity wallets should work, powered by ZeroBiometrics.


Generate Private Keys On Demand

ZeroVault's patented technology transforms biometric data into unique 256-bit ZeroHash. Decentralized identity providers rely on ZeroHashes to create anonymous and pseudonymous identities.

ZeroVault leverages industry-standard OpenSSL to also turn a ZeroHash into a ZeroKey. ZeroKeys exist on the user's device only during an authenticated session. They don't exist anywhere in the world when the user is not authenticated. This makes key-theft impersonation attacks a thing of the past.

Identity wallets use ZeroKeys to sign transactions, encrypt data, and authenticate users online. Users maintain full control over the keys used to prove their identity. And they never have to share personal information, especially not biometric information.

Take your decentralized identity platform to the next level with ZeroFace and ZeroVault.

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