Privacy Preserving and Data Protecting Face Authentication
Zero Templates, Zero Knowledge, and Zero Compromises

What if face authentication was privacy preserving?

ZeroFace™ does what no other face recognition algorithm can do. ZeroFace™ preserves your privacy by never saving what you look like. And it’s impossible to use ZeroFace™ to search for matching faces in a collection of photos or videos.

There's no performance or accuracy cost for this unmatched privacy. ZeroFace™ is so accurate that there is only one chance in a billion that it will mistake someone else for you.

Zero Templates

What if your face data didn't need extra protection?

ZeroFace™ authenticates you by computing a unique 256-bit ZeroHash™ for your face and storing it in a ZeroMap™. Because there's no face or personal data in a ZeroMap™, it can be safely copied to every device you use.

Register once and authenticate on any device, everywhere. One of several innovations delivered exclusively by ZeroFace™.

Zero Knowledge

What if your face could be your encryption key?

This is not science fiction. ZeroFace™ creates cryptographic keys directly from your face's unique 256-bit ZeroHash™.

These ZeroKeys™ only exist when you are present and authenticated. When you go offline the decryption keys to your data don’t exist anywhere in the world!

Zero Compromises