ZeroBiometrics™ Can Verify You Without Knowing What You Look Like

Infinity announces immediate availability of its rebranded and enhanced authentication platform, ZeroBiometrics™. The company also has launched to highlight and promote its unique products.

The ZeroFace™ flagship product is an innovative zero-knowledge approach to face authentication. It does away with the 60-year-old model of biometric templates and their inherent security risks. Instead, ZeroFace authenticates people by computing a unique 256-bit ZeroHash™ for each face – the same level of security used in banking apps.

“Modern biometric authentication should never know what you look like,” said Alfred Chan, CEO of Infinity. “ZeroFace delivers this game-changing design while also setting a new standard for accuracy. There is less than 1 in a billion chance that it will incorrectly identify a face.”

ZeroFace is privacy preserving because it does not save any face data. And it can encrypt data with ZeroHash-based cryptographic keys. These ZeroKeys™ only exist while a person is authenticated. When that person logs out, the decryption keys to their data don’t exist anywhere in the world.

Mr. Chan added, “Authentication is safer when there is no biometric template to protect. Encrypted data is safer when the decryption keys don’t exist until the owner is authenticated. These and other advanced ZeroFace features are typically not even possible with other face recognition solutions.”

The company’s products are available for integration into Android and iOS customer applications. All ZeroFace features execute on the mobile device, with no dependency on any cloud-based functionality.

The company now has representatives in Asia and the US. For more information, contact Infinity at

Infinity’s technology was formerly called QuantumCrypt.

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