ZeroBiometrics™ Awarded US Patent for its Groundbreaking Biometric Cryptography Invention

ZeroBiometrics is proud to announce the successful award of a U.S. patent recognizing its unique biometric cryptography invention. This patent addresses the core of the ZeroBiometrics platform and its use of zero-knowledge proofs to perform both biometric authentication and to generate reproducible cryptographic keys directly from biometric entropy. By not having to save biometric templates or securely store end-user cryptographic keys, the company’s customers enjoy unique and significant security and privacy benefits.

ZeroBiometrics’ CEO, Alfred Chan, expressed pride in the team’s accomplishment, stating, “We have solved several problems that academics and biometrics experts have struggled with for decades. Our patent addresses our methods for producing a consistent, stable, and non-reversible hash value drawn directly from biometric data. This permits us to perform deterministic matching in the hash space, which offers distinct security and privacy improvements over the use of probabilistic matching between highly sensitive and often reversible biometric templates. Importantly, we also enable long-sought-after biometric revocability and re-issuance without requiring a new biometric capture session.“

Mr. Chan continued by saying, “The ZeroBiometrics platform provides these now-patented capabilities while also meeting or exceeding all the usability and accuracy expectations that are associated with traditional biometrics. Our pioneering technology brings new levels of privacy and security to all proof-of-personhood use cases, with unique benefits in the many identity use cases that rely upon proof-of-possession of cryptographic keys. In particular, our customers in the decentralized identity, Web3, and digital wallet markets find our ephemeral cryptography technology to be a major differentiator.”

The awarded US patent comes as a result of years of research and development conducted by ZeroBiometrics’ team of experts. It marks a significant leap forward for the biometrics industry, offering a radically different security architecture based on zero-knowledge proofs and cryptographic authentication.  By circumventing the risks of traditional biometric template storage and eliminating the need to save user cryptographic keys, the ZeroBiometrics platform is the solution needed worldwide due to its capability to support the rapid adoption of digital identity systems that are out-of-the-box compliant with rapidly evolving biometric privacy standards.

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